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Busteni Sinaia Tour – Guided Cantacuzino Castel in Busteni

Private Trip To Cantacuzino Castle Busteni
Private trip to cantacuzino castle busteni

If you were to spend your honeymoon in Romania or surprise your loved ones with a tour of the castles in Romania, a visit to the Cantacuzino Castle in Busteni is guaranteed to make your trip an unforgettable experience.

Located in Zamora, a neighborhood in Busteni with an exotic name, set in a beautiful, captivating wooded area, Cantacuzino Castle is rightfully one of the most visited tourist sites in Romania.

Once you have climbed up the steps and reached the castle terrace, a panorama of the Busteni mountain belt is unveiled in all its splendor.

The castle with stone-carved walls that once belonged to Prince Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino is as charming on the inside as on the outside.  The interior is outfitted with stained-glass windows, ceilings with painted crown moldings, wood, stone or wrought iron handrails, and white stone fireplaces with mosaic ornaments. The central pavilion makes quite an impression with its impressive heraldry collection representing the emblems of families related to the Cantacuzinos, family portraits, and painted Cordovan leather hangings.

Our stop in Busteni does not end here, though. You can delight your senses further with a Romanian wine tasting or a traditional Romanian meal in the castle’s restaurant.

And if you have a taste for adventure, you can take a walk around the castle grounds, check out the water fountain and the anthropogenic cave, or you can take a horseback riding lesson and complete your vacation album with some amazing pictures.

We include Cantacuzino Castle in the program in multiple forms of booking tours to museums, monasteries or medieval villages, but this must only tell us when and how you have scheduled vacation just so you can suggest and overlap with various events that occur frequently, such as concerts, festivals, plays, fairs and exhibitions itinerant, seasonal discounts, etc..

Busteni Sinaia Tour
Guided Cantacuzino Castel in Busteni

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