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Private tour 3 days| Wallachia, Transylvania| Transfagarasan

Romania Private Trip

3 Days Private Trip in Romania

We have prepared for you a 3-day adventure exploring Romania, as follows:


Day 1

1. Curtea de Arges

2. Poenari Fortress (1480 steps)


4. Transfagarasan (June-September)

Day 2

1. SIBIU City Tour

2. Hateg Aurochs Reservation

3. Hunyadi Fortress

4. PRISLOP Monastery

5. Densus Church

 Day 3

1. Alba Iulia City Tour



4. Horezu Monastery

Day 1

1. Private Trip to Curtea de Arges

Did you know that Curtea de Arges is unique for the important royal tombs it hides?

Everyone knows that truly good, beautiful and durable things come only through sacrifice, which will become apparent when you reach the old town of Curtea de Arges. With a rich and eventful history, this is where you get to see the ruins of the Wallachian princely court, the 13th century Royal Church, as well the famous Arges Monastery, an important historical monument with an interesting, yet sad story. According to legend, around 1512 master Manole and his 9 stonemasons were hired to build a great cathedral, but try as they might, whatever they built would fall apart by morning.

The solution came to Manole in a dream, and he had to sacrifice his wife Ana, by enclosing her inside the walls of the church, which was finished in 1517.

And this is just the beginning of a trip guaranteed to offer you many wonderful and unforgettable experiences.

See more details about The Curtea de Arges Monastery

2. Poenari Fortress Private Trip

If we were to put together a tour of the castles in Romania for Dracula fans and adventure lovers, Poenari Castle  would have to be on the list, being an important Romanian tourist attraction, a piece of history and a bloody legend.  Poenari Fortress is a ruined castle in Romania situated at a height of 860 meters known for the bound to Vlad the Impaler.

As you are climbing up the 1480 stairs that lead up to  castle, you can rightfully say you are following in the steps of Dracula …

Learn more about the Poenari Fortress

3. Private Tour to Vidraru Dam

Have you ever witnessed the greatness of nature up-close?

Imagine what the hydro technician and the rest of the crew felt when they took on the Vidraru Dam project and worked on building this huge reservoir in the heart of the mountains?  The Vidraru Dam is one of the most spectacular tourist attractions in Romania, which draws in hundreds of thousands of tourists annually. A wonder of engineering, it offers a breathtaking view of the reservoir lake built on Arges River.

See more curiosities about the Vidraru Dam

4. Transfagarasan Private Tour

Best road trip ever?

The incredible view and stunning scenery that this paved mountain road offers is indescribable; even the video segment featured on Top Gear, deeming it the most beautiful road in the world, barely does it justice.

Watch the spectacular video that made us famous

Day 2

1. Sibiu City Tour

Discover amazing Transylvania – A city tour to help you understand why Sibiu was elected as the European Capital of Culture, it includes the Evangelical Cathedral, the Sibiu Old City Center and the town itself, which are among the most visited tourist attractions in Romania, because they cater to every taste and provide a wonderful travelling experience for even the pickiest of tourists.

If you love authentic cultural experiences, whether you are more romantic or more adventurous, here you will find everything you need to relax and enjoy yourself, leave the stress of your everyday life behind, and have a fun and memorable private trip.

The beauty of this old citadel, having received record-breaking recognition, stems from its architecture, the arrangement of the streets, its cultural and artistic heritage, and its beautiful natural scenery, as the town is flanked on two sides by the mountains Fagaras and Lotru.

Learn more about SIBFEST, the Sibiu International Theatre Festival and see details about the trip to Sibiu >>

2. Private Tour to  HATEG Aurochs Reservations

Since our coat of arms and heraldry in general prominently features the bison, it makes sense that Romania should be the home of several wildlife preserves, such as the European Bison Reserve in Hateg is one of the. This type of animal that in medieval times used to dominated the European woods, now is on the edge of extinction.

This might be the only chance you get to see these great herbivores that impress you through their sheer size, wildness and power in their natural habitat, as bison (or wisents) are an endangered species.

3. Private Trip to Corvin/ Hunyadi Castle

This private trip to Romania gives you the opportunity to get a taste of what medieval life was like in Romania in the time of knighthood, castles and fortresses with a visit to The Corvin/Hunyadi Castle, one of the top 10 most beautiful gothic castles in the world.

This architectural masterpiece is one of the largest castles in Europe and one of the seven wonders of Romania, and it has served a double purpose since the 15th century. After a devastating fire, the castle underwent extensive restoration and is now open to the public as a museum.

A small tip: the defense towers are a great spot to take a selfie.

4. Private Tour to Prislop Monastery

If you have an interest in religion and history, you have probably heard about the pilgrimages to Prislop Monastery and the spiritual healing powers of this 400-year old orthodox settlement.

The blissful energy you find here stems from the church’s superb geographical location and the devoutness of the nuns always immersed in prayer.

The grounds are usually crawling with tourists and people who come to pay homage to the late Father Arsenie Boca, monk and abbot of the monastery, who was considered a saint even during his lifetime and is now pending canonization.

You will uncover more wonders once you reach the Prislop Monastery, where every visit is a soul cleansing experience.

Prislop monastery private trip in romania

5. Densus Church

The next architectural piece is one of the oldest orthodox churches in Romania, this historical monument was built on top of the ruins of a building dating back to the 4th century, and it was constructed in several stages, the final changes having been made in the 13th century. You will marvel at the mixture of styles, which have blended over the centuries in this ancient “temple”, having also been proposed to join the UNESCO Heritage list of historical sites.

Nicolae Iorga, the greatest Romanian historian, has deemed the Saint Nicolae Church in Densus “unparalleled in the entire Romanian tradition”.

Here you can admire mural paintings dating back to 1443, inside an ingenious construction which has striven to preserve its history throughout each stage.

There is more to see than to be told, so we will let you discover the details yourself.

Densus medieval church private trip

Day 3

1. Alba Iulia City Tour

Did you know that the city of Alba-Iulia is one of the most important centres in Romania? Here are some information.

The city of Alba-Iulia is the site of an old Vauban-style fortress, considered impossible to conquer due to the 7-corner star model designed by the great French engineer, veteran and architect Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban.

The Alba Carolina citadel, an important destination on our Castles of Romania tour, is surrounded by three lines of fortification and its remarkable architecture make it one of the most representative fortresses in Romania; it is also one of the largest of its kind in Eastern Europe.

See more fun facts about the Alba-Iulia Citadel and find about the Roman Apullum castra >>


Visit Romania and you will see one of the most spectacular roads in the Carpathian Mountains .

Our adventure continues on the highest road in Romania, the Transalpina, said to have been built in Roman times, and later dubbed “The Devil’s Path”, possibly by the shepherds crossing it with their sheep during transhumance, from Marginimea Sibiului towards Wallachia.

Its highest point reaches 2145 m, from where you get an incredible panorama of the mountain scenery and a powerful, cleansing dose of fresh air.

No doubt you will take countless pictures trying to capture its breathtaking beauty, but the truth is, that mix of euphoria and humbleness that nature stirs in you is something than can only be experienced in person.

3. Polovragi Cave

If you have been on expeditions in wet or dry caves before, you will be familiar with the haunting and eerily spiritual feeling you get once you enter the Polovragi Cave, which seems like it belongs to a different realm.

The warm and humid cave hosts many spectacular calcareous formations throughout the galleries that extend for over 10 km, of which only 800 m are open for visitation. Here you can see the Spring of Hope, the Bloody Vault, the White Room, the Divine Chamber, the Grim Reaper, the Dacian Oven, the King and Queen, Snow White and the Dwarf’s House.

But the most exciting one has to be the throne of Zalmoxis, the spiritual leader of the Dacian people, who is believed to have made the mysterious cave his earthly home. Dacian mythology describes the mighty Zalmoxis as a shapeshifter who could take the appearance of an old man and become young again as he pleased, and some legends even say he could turn into a wolf, a sacred animal in the Dacian tradition. The cave was discovered 100 years ago, but the Bronze Age vestiges found here make it much older. It is also the home of new species of bats that have set up a colony in the depths of the cave.

The sound of slow dripping water echoing against the cool, limestone-covered walls, as bats flutter over the throne of an ancient god, is sure to make your heart stand still.

NOTE: Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday, from 10-17, Monday and Tuesday closed

4. Private Trip to Horezu Monastery

Considered one of the most beautiful and refined orthodox monasteries, the Horezu Monastery with its 100% authentic Romanian architecture was included in the UNESCO World Heritage from the very beginning, with no sign that anything could ever surpass it.

Your trip to Romania should comprise, among other things, the most visited Romanian monasteries, including the Horezu Monastery, because this is where you can see the highly acclaimed Horezu ceramics, as well as the gorges carved in the mountain walls and the famous stone caves.

Find out more about the Horezu Monastery and its surroundings here.

The Tour Map

This itinerary is indicative and subject to change over time, so please consider the reference which you will receive in the offer, after you have requested tour or excursion that. We say this because, so the trip to the caves, and walk on Transfagarasan are accessible only certain months of the year.


Private tour 3 days
Wallachia, Transylvania, Transfagarasan

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