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Salt Mine Tour – The best salt mine in Romania, Europe Turda

Turda Salt Mine
Private trip to the salt mine turda

If you have the chance to take spend your vacation in Romania, it would be a shame to not venture into one of its most beautiful places, the Turda Salt Mine.

This place is a feast for the eyes and the body, as your lungs will be very grateful for the purifying saline air, beneficial especially for those with respiratory problems, such as allergies or asthma.

You will discover vestiges of Roman heritage, as salt mining in the area goes back thousands of years. You will get the chance to see the former Iosif, Terezia, and Rudolf mines, and medieval salt exploitation machinery unique in Europe – the hardware, the crivac (or gepel), the salt mill, as well as an altar carved in the salt wall and the “Stairway of the Rich”, with its intricate woodwork.

The mine is practically an underground theme park and treatment center wrapped in one, which required an investment of over 6 million euros. Here you can find an amphitheater, a gymnasium, a bowling alley, mini golf and ping pong courts, an underground lake with paddle and row boats, and a panoramic Ferris wheel, from where you can admire the stalactites dangling from the ceiling up-close.

We include The Salt Mine Turda in the program in multiple forms of booking tours to museums, monasteries or medieval villages, but this must only tell us when and how you have scheduled vacation just to you can suggest and overlap with various events that occur frequently, such as concerts, festivals, plays, fairs and exhibitions itinerant, seasonal discounts, etc..

Salt Mine Tour
The best salt mine in Romania, Europe Turda

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