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Private tour 5 days Dracula Tour in Transylvania & Wallachia

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5 Days Tour in Romania

An adventure of a lifetime, for this 5-day tour of Romania we have chosen an assortment of rich sensory experiences, from medieval sites to a taste of the wilderness, with deep forests, vibrantly colored wildflowers and fresh mountain air (in the right season), all the way to modern exhibits, and a dash of traditional herbs and spices with the delicious foods we will be trying in every medieval town we visit.

Day 1

Bucharest City Tour


Day 2

Departure for Sibiu

Curtea de Arges

Poenari Castle

Transfagarasan (only between June and September)

Sibiu City Tour

Overnight stay Sibiu


Day 3

Departure from Sibiu

Biertan Fortified Monastery

Sighisoara Citadel

Overnight stay in Sighisoara


Day 4

Departure for Brasov

Bran Castle

Brasov City Tour

The Black Church

Brasov Historical Center

Overnight stay in Brasov


Day 5

Departure for Sinaia

Peles Castle

Sinaia Monastery

Snagov Monastery / Dracula’s Tomb

Overnight stay in Bucharest


Below you can find a detailed itinerary for this 5-day trip

  • Day 1



  • This tour of Bucharest was designed to encompass most of the important events in the history of the Romanian capital. Whether you are a seasoned traveler, a culture lover, a foodie or just someone who appreciates art and beauty, this tour caters to all types of tourists.

Staring with the National Village Museum, the Arch of Triumph, and moving on to Calea Victoriei (Victory Avenue), the Romanian Athenaeum, Revolution Square (where the dictator Ceausescu was forced to flee the country), historical monuments, the Bucharest Old City Centre, and, of course, the Palace of Parliament or People’s House built by Ceausescu (the second largest administrative building in the world, after the Pentagon).

    • Read more about this private tour of Bucharest and the tourist attractions included

Day 2


    • Did you know that Curtea de Arges is unique for the important royal tombs it hides?
    • Everyone knows that truly good, beautiful and durable things come only through sacrifice, which will become apparent when you reach the old town of Curtea de Arges. With a rich and eventful history, this is where you get to see the ruins of the Wallachian princely court, the 13th century Royal Church, as well the famous Arges Monastery, an important historical monument with an interesting, yet sad story.


Curtea de arges monastery trip
    • According to legend, around 1512 master Manole and his 9 stonemasons were hired to build a great cathedral, but try as they might, whatever they built would fall apart by morning. The solution came to Manole in a dream, and he had to sacrifice his wife Ana, by enclosing her inside the walls of the church, which was finished in 1517.
    • And this is just the beginning of a trip guaranteed to offer you many wonderful and unforgettable experiences.
    • See more details about The Curtea de Arges Monastery


  • If we were to put together a tour of the castles in Romania for Dracula fans and adventure lovers, Poenari Castle would have to be on the list, being an important Romanian tourist attraction.  Poenari Fortress is a ruined castle in Romania situated at a height of 860 meters known for the bound to Vlad the Impaler.
  • As you are climbing up the 1480 stairs that lead up to the castle, you can rightfully say you are following in the steps of Dracula …
  • Learn more about the Poenari Fortress


If you are in Transylvania, Sibiu is a must visit travel destination with a history of 900 year. A city tour to help you understand why Sibiu was elected as the European Capital of Culture, it includes the Evangelical Cathedral, the Sibiu Old City Center and the town itself, which are among the most visited tourist attractions in Romania, because they cater to every taste and provide a wonderful travelling experience for even the pickiest of tourists.

If you love authentic cultural experiences, whether you are more romantic or more adventurous, here you will find everything you need to relax and enjoy yourself, leave the stress of your everyday life behind, and have a fun and memorable trip.

The beauty of this old citadel, having received record-breaking recognition, stems from its architecture, the arrangement of the streets, its cultural and artistic heritage, and its beautiful natural scenery, as the town is flanked on two sides by the mountains Fagaras and Lotru.

Learn more about SIBFEST, the Sibiu International Theatre Festival and see details about the trip to Sibiu >>

Day 3


Fortified church biertan medieval tours in romania

The Biertan Fortified Church, one of the first Transylvanian Saxon settlements in Ardeal, is a historical monument of breathtaking beauty, recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

Hundreds and thousands of tourists come here every year to find out why in three hundred years there has been only one divorce and to see the two other things that make this place unique.

The Biertan Fortified Church, located in a small town that dates back to 1224, impresses through its stunning scenery and its particular construction – built on a hillock in the center of town, surrounded by three defensive walls and 7 bastions.

Source: Wikipedia

Read more about the Fortified Church Of Biertan, this Romanian historical monument and learn about the first lock system in the world


Sighisoara medieval village private day trips

Did you know that Sighisoara’s citadel was built in the 12th century?

If you want to go back in time and catch a glimpse of what life was like in the Middle Ages, you absolutely have to visit Sighisoara, Romania’s medieval town, and Count Dracula’s (actually, Vlad the Impaler) place of birth.

Built in 1280, the Sighisoara Citadel is not just one of the most visited tourist attractions in Romania, it is a living, breathing medieval fortress, since it has remained inhabited for over 700 years – which is quite rare.

In fact, after just a few steps on the cobblestone streets, past the gates and massive stone walls that reach as high as 14 meters, you will know you are in one the most well-preserved medieval towns in Europe. For this reason, it is not surprising the Romanian citadel was included on the UNESCO World Heritage list of historical and cultural landmarks.

Discover more about the medieval town of Sighisoara

Day 4


Peoples-house ceausescu romania

Next, journey to the beautifully-preserved medieval town of Brasov, in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. Your guide will lead you on a walking tour of the Old Town, where you’ll discover the Black Church, the Old Town square, and city walls built in the Middle Ages. You’ll have free time to absorb the unparalleled atmosphere in one of Brasov’s many charming cafés.

In the evening, enjoy a dinner in one of the best restaurants in town – a great opportunity to sample Transylvanian traditional food.



Arch of triumph bucharest private trips

Bran Castle, between myth and history..

Because his fictional portrayal of Dracula’s castle matches Bran so closely, it is widely believed that Bram Stoker must have used descriptions of it to create the fictitious home of Count Dracula.

Outside the castle, you’ll have the chance to try an array of traditional foods: handmade cheeses, pálinka (plum and pear brandy), and traditionally-produced ham and sausages.

If you want to know more about this legendary Bran Dracula’s Castle follow the link


Day 5


Bucharest national village museum romania tours

Once upon a time there was a beautiful castle…

If have decided to write your memoirs or you want to brag about having seen the most beautiful castles in Europe, the Romanian royal family’s summer residence is, by far, one of the most important tourist attractions in Romania and in Europe, and you will soon understand why.

Every year, thousands of important figures and hundreds of thousands of tourists book tours of Romania for this attraction alone, to admire its beauty and at least for a few hours, feel like royalty.

You have the chance to see the “crown jewel” of the Carpathians and have an unforgettable travelling experience in this historical castle that took 41 years to build (1873-1914).

See the curiosities and history of the Peles Castle >>



Peoples-house ceausescu romania

In your private tour in Romania, you will visit the most beautiful mountain resort, a place where many kings and important figures came to unwind and reflect, Sinaia Monastery is where you have the chance to escape reality and taste the simplicity and richness of orthodox spirituality, beautifully expressed in the artistic representations of this house of worship.

As soon as you pass the massive door of this fortified monastery, you will step into a place of absolute peace and tranquility, bestowed upon by the divine spirit, where even time has stopped to enjoy it. With the help of your private guide you will have the chance to better understand the history of Romania.

The orthodox establishment is over 300 years old and it is dubbed as “the Cathedral of the Carpathians” due to its positioning in the most beautiful mountain resort in Romania surrounded by a stunning mountain scenery. It was also the first construction in this territory, founded by Prince (Spatarul) Mihai Cantacuzino. He decided to erect the house of worship following a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, with its name inspired by Mount Sinai.

Read more about Sinaia Monastery


Peoples-house ceausescu romania

In this private tour you will discover the highly controversial story about the death of Vlad Tepes tells us that a group of monks were able to secretly bring the ruler’s earthly remains to Snagov Monastery and bury them in front of the altar to be sanctified.

If you want to learn more about the tomb of Dracula/ Vlad Tepes and the beautiful island and monastery of Snagov you can organise an book a city-break in Bucharest.

>> See The Dracula’s Tomb


Tour / trip map
This itinerary is indicative and may change over the course of time, so please consider the reference, what you will receive in the offer, after you have requested the tour or excursion.

We say this because both the cave excursion and the walk on Transfagarasan are accessible only for certain months of the year.


Private tour 5 days
Dracula Tour in Transylvania & Wallachia

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