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Wallachia cave tour | 2 days Private guide & driver Romania

Cave's Tour Romania

The Romanian Caves  Tour in 2 Days

As you can not judge a man by the way he look, I called this adventure it simply – Romanian Caves  Tour.

In this two days trip we will explore together how to survive to hard times, showing you not only caves, but some of the Romania’s hidden treasures, which you’ve probably already heard. That places have a lot of unique natural springs of the purest water in the world.

Here’s what I thought the spectacular experience for you and can be achieved in this private tour:


Day 1

1. Horezu Monastery

2. Polovragi Cave

3. Polovragi Monastery

Overnight Stay in Baia de Fier

 Day 2

1. The Women’s Cave

2. The Constantin Brancusi Ensamble in Targu Jiu

Day 1

1. Horezu Monastery

In a two day trips, you will see the Horezu Monastery. Considered one of the most beautiful and refined orthodox monasteries, the Horezu Monastery with its 100% authentic Romanian architecture was included in the UNESCO World Heritage from the very beginning, with no sign that anything could ever surpass it.

Your trip to Romania should comprise, among other things, the most visited Romanian monasteries, including the Horezu Monastery, because this is where you can see the highly acclaimed Horezu ceramics, as well as the gorges carved in the mountain walls and the famous stone caves.

Find out more about the Horezu Monastery and its surroundings here

2. The Polovragi Cave

If you have been on expeditions in wet or dry caves before, you will be familiar with the haunting and eerily spiritual feeling you get once you enter the Polovragi Cave, which seems like it belongs to a different realm.

The warm and humid cave hosts many spectacular calcareous formations throughout the galleries that extend for over 10 km, of which only 800 m are open for visitation. Here you can see the Spring of Hope, the Bloody Vault, the White Room, the Divine Chamber, the Grim Reaper, the Dacian Oven, the King and Queen, Snow White and the Dwarfs’ House.

But the most exciting one has to be the throne of Zalmoxis, the spiritual leader of the Dacian people, who is believed to have made the mysterious cave his earthly home. Dacian mythology describes the mighty Zalmoxis as a shapeshifter who could take the appearance of an old man and become young again as he pleased, and some legends even say he could turn into a wolf, a sacred animal in the Dacian tradition. The cave was discovered 100 years ago, but the Bronze Age vestiges found here make it much older. It is also the home of new species of bats that have set up a colony in the depths of the cave.

The sound of slow dripping water echoing against the cool, limestone-covered walls, as bats flutter over the throne of an ancient god, is sure to make your heart stand still.

NOTE: Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday, from 10-17, Monday and Tuesday closed

3. POLOVRAGI Monastery

We are setting out on a journey through time, taking an imaginary leap to 500 years ago, when the Polovragi Monastery, a historical monument of great cultural and spiritual value, was built.

In addition to the superb religious artwork, here you get to see historical evidence of our existence and endurance on these lands, as well as a testament to our perseverance and faith in God.

Watch a short video presentation of the Polovragi Monastery

Day 2

1. The Women’s Cave

The first question that comes to mind when you decide to take a private trip to the Women’s Cave, the most visited cave in Romania, is how it got this curious name.

The Romanian people have had a long and turbulent history, so in order to survive in these conflict-ridden lands, the men, being severely outnumbered, would have to resort to guerrilla warfare, while women and children would hide in caves such as this one to protect as much of their family as they could.

You will come into contact with ancient civilizations over 30.000 years old, which should be enough to make this trip worthwhile. But what we think will really peak your interest is the giant animal graveyard filled with calcified cave bear skeletons, as well as remains of other wild animals, like lions, hyenas, wolves, boars, foxes and even wild goats who had the misfortune to venture into the bears’ den.

Stretching across 7 km and 4 levels, The Women’s Cave, also the first cave to have electricity, is without a doubt one of our most remarkable natural attractions.

If you want to find out more about the history of Romania and you are excited to uncover further mysteries and wonders buried deep within the caves, this is a trip you cannot miss.

2. The Constantin Brancusi Sculptural Ensemble in Targu Jiu

Even if you do not harbor a passion for sculptural masterpieces, a Brancusi exhibit is a must-see for anyone taking a trip to Romania. The Constantin Brancusi Sculptural Ensemble in Targu Jiu, also known as the “Calea Eroilor” Memorial (Heroes Way), is more than a beautiful display of stone and wood craftsmanship, it is a symbol of the Romanian spirit.

The ensemble consists of four sculptures, laid out on a 1275 m axis – The Table of Silence, The Chairs Alley, The Gate of the Kiss and the Infinity Column/Endless Column, which surprise through their simple, yet deeply symbolic design.

Learn more about the work of the great sculptor Brancusi

See a video presentation of the exhibit :

Naturally, there are countless more caves in Romania and it would be impossible to visit them all in one circuit, but we think this experience will give you a taste for adventure, enough to make you want to return to Romania.

Book a private trip for two days and you will see  the most spectacular caves in Romania.

The Private Trip Map

This itinerary is indicative and subject to change over time, so please consider the reference which you will receive in the offer after you have requested tour or excursion that. We say this because, so the trip to the caves, and walk on Transfagarasan are accessible only certain months of the year.



Wallachia cave tour
2 days Private guide & driver Romania

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