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Beekeeping tour| Full day Private Guided Tour from Bucharest


Nicolas experience tours

Trip To The Apiary in Romania

How do you feel about taking a private interactive apiary tour in Romania? With the help of your personal guide, you will learn valuable lessons in marketing, management, hard work and democracy from our friends, the bees.

Nicolas experience tours

If you have read the “About me” section on this website offering unique tourist experiences, you know I spent my childhood traveling throughout the wildlands of Romania with my father and brother, moving our beehives with the season in search of the flowers richest in pollen and best suited for honey making.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to spend weeks at a time in complete solitude, with only the bees and watchdogs to keep you company, surrounded by the tranquility of the woods and meadows of delicate fragrant flowers shining with all the colors of the rainbow?

Nicolas experience tours

That is why we have prepared this apiary adventure for you, which, if the weather allows us, will include:

1. Beekeeping lesson, studying bee behavior

2. Demonstration of the harvesting process and learning how a beehive works

3. Stopping for lunch, which will consist of traditional Romanian foods and drinks from ecological sources

4. Tasting honeybee products for dessert

Nicolas experience tours

Depending on the weather and the beekeeper’s schedule, we can make stops if you want to admire the views and take pictures.

Honeycomb taste in romania day trips

How do you feel about this invitation?

Best regards,
Nicolas Miroiu
Your private travel companion

Nicolas experience tours

Beekeeping tour| Full day Private Guided Tour
from Bucharest

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Nicolas Experience Tours
Nicolas Experience Tours
Nicolas Experience Tours
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