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Bucharest Constanta Tour| Explore by car a guided experience

#1 Unique Constanta city tour, Black Sea Private Guided Tour

2  Days Private Trip in Romania, Bucharest and Constanta

This 2 day trip to Romania is double the fun and double the adventure, because it includes both the Bucharest City Tour and the Constanta City Tour, for a complete and unique traveling experience.

Even if you have a sea or an ocean where you come from, this private tour will still hold some surprises, because every seaside and every city with its tourist attractions are different and each has a charm of its own.

Day 1

1. Bucharest City Tour

 Day 2

1. Constanta City Tour

2. Constanta Casino

3. Constanta Dolphinarium

A short presentation

Day 1

1. Private Trip in Romania – Bucharest City Tour

Ask for more information about this private tour of Bucharest and the tourist attractions included.

This private tour of Bucharest was designed to encompass most of the important events in the history of the Romanian capital. Whether you are a seasoned traveler, a culture lover, a foodie or just someone who appreciates art and beauty, this tour caters to all types of tourists.

Staring with the National Village Museum, the Arch of Triumph, and moving on to Calea Victoriei (Victory Avenue), the Romanian Athenaeum, Revolution Square (where the dictator Ceausescu was forced to flee the country), historical monuments, the Bucharest Old City Centre, and, of course, the Palace of Parliament or People’s House built by Ceausescu (the second largest administrative building in the world, after the Pentagon). What do you think? Plan your city break at

Day 2

1. Private Trip in Romania – Constanta City Tour

Constanta private day trip

During the Constanta City Tour, you will discover a cosmopolitan port-city of the Black Sea comprising a variety of ethnicities, cultures, and civilizations.

This rich and colorful blend is immediately apparent in the architecture, the monuments from ancient Roman times, the local culture, the mixed traditions, the abundance of beautiful young women and men, and the delicious and varied cuisines.

With your private guide, you can assign any theme or direction to our tour, from walking barefoot on the beach to having fun in the best clubs in Constanta, to visiting museums, architectural monuments, and the like.

2. Private Trip in Romania – Constanta Casino

Constanta private day trip

Surrounded by a breathtaking scenery, with the seagulls and the Black Sea in the background, the Constanta Casino has become an emblem of the city and perhaps one of the most visited abandoned tourist attractions on the seaside.

And imagine how spectacular a selfie would look in front of the 100-year old art nouveau casino, and, if you are lucky, with a stormy sea backdrop.

Read more about the Constanta Casino >>

3. Private Trip in Romania – Constanta Dolphinarium

If by any chance you thought the Constanta Dolphinarium is just for children, you are missing some of the most extraordinary sights that you may only be able to see on National Geographic.

In addition to the dolphin and seal shows, here you can find a beautiful Aquarium with rare fish, an exotic bird exhibit, and a tourist complex at the Museum of Natural Sciences that includes a micro-delta and a Planetarium.

The Tour Map

This itinerary is indicative and subject to change over time, so please consider the reference which you will receive in the offer, after you have requested tour or excursion that. We say this because, so the trip to the caves, and walk on Transfagarasan are accessible only certain months of the year.


Bucharest Constanta Tour
Explore by car a guided experience

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