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Bucharest Old Town Tour – Explore with a personal guide

Bucharest private tours by Nicolas
Private trip to the bucharest old city centre

An old town in the middle of a modern metropolis, this is the place you come to when you want to taste a good cup of coffee, try traditional Romanian drinks or traditional Romanian food at some of the best restaurants in Bucharest, pubs, beer houses, cafes, and clubs. It also represents a piece of Romanian and orthodox history, from where you will not leave emptyhanded: from the many gift shops lined up in the streets, you can purchase a variety of Romanian souvenirs for you, gifts for your loved ones and pieces of Romanian artwork.

Stepping onto the narrow streets of the Bucharest Old City Centre, you have the chance to relive the olden days through a blend of mystery and contrasts. Starting with Hanul lui Manuc, an immense fortified inn which served as a cultural and economic center back in the day. It was built around 1806 by Manuc Bei, one of the wealthiest landowners in the Balkans, and it was where merchants passing through Bucharest would get together, as just a part of the colorful crowd that populated the historical inn. You can also spend the night here if you are on the two-day Bucharest City Tour.

A few steps further from the inn is the Old Voivodal Palace – the first princely court of Bucharest. In the 15th century, it becomes the princely residence of none other than Vlad Tepes (the Impaler), the Romanian ruler who inspired Bram Stoker’s famous “Dracula” story.

In the present, all that remains is a body of cellars, the ruins of the former „Turkish bath” and a few walls that mark the outline of the old castle. It is not every day that you get to tell your friends you followed in Dracula’s footsteps and have pictures to prove it, too.

A little further uphill you can also admire the Church of the Stavropoleos Monastery, built in 1724. The interior is covered in vivid frescos and beautiful wood and stone sculpted ornaments, which you will feel extremely tempted to touch.

TIn the Bucharest Old City Center, you will also find a series of art galleries hosting various exhibits, antique shops, and of course, the Carturesti Library, an experiential library where you can purchase books, music and other souvenirs that will make for an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones.

If you enjoy shopping, the Historical Centre has many clothing stores, shoe stores and artisanal shops selling traditional Romanian objects.

Another stop will be the Caru’ cu bere restaurant, a historical monument built nearly 120 years ago, in 1898. Here you can savor the most delicious traditional Romanian food in a spectacular 2-storey hall, with walls covered in paintings, stained glass windows, mosaics and skillfully carved wood panels that make it look more like an elegant museum than a restaurant…

If you believe in ghost stories, you can find out the truth for yourself, by walking down French Street at night (just kidding). There was once an orphanage here, at 13-14 French Street, run by a sadistic man who enjoyed the sufferance of children; it is even said that 200 orphans died terrible deaths here.

There are, of course, many more sites and buildings that are worth exploring, but we do not want to spoil the surprise, so we will let you discover them yourself.

The Old/Historical City Centre is a must-have on any Bucharest experiential tour, being one of the most visited tourist attractions in Bucharest. It is a favorite celebrity spot, and also the place where foreign football fans who are in town for important games come to taste Romanian beer, the famous palinca, tuica and quality Romanian wines.

To visit the Old City Center yourself, book your Bucharest tour and tell us when you would like to visit. According to your timeframe, we will recommend various events that you can enjoy during your stay, such as concerts, plays, fairs and exhibits, season offers and discounts, etc.

We include Bucharest in the program in multiple forms of booking tours to museums, monasteries or medieval villages, but this must only tell us when and how you have scheduled vacation just so you can suggest and overlap with various events that occur frequently, such as concerts, festivals, plays, fairs and exhibitions itinerant, seasonal discounts, etc..

Bucharest Old Town Tour
Explore with a personal guide

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