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Bucharest city tour private guide full day – #1 Awesome Tour

Bucharest City Tour - Guide, Bucharest City Group Tour

Bucharest City Tour – 8h

For this Bucharest City Tour 8 – hour adventure, we have created a concept tour comprising the most visited Romanian tourist attractions sought after by foreign tourists when booking private tours of Bucharest under 10 hours. The tour includes:

1. The Palace of Parliament / Famous “People House” built by Ceausescu

2. The National Village Museum in Bucharest

3. The Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest

4. Calea Victoriei Bucharest (Victory Avenue)

5. Revolution Square Bucharest

6. The Old City Centre Bucharest

7. The Arch of Triumph Bucharest

8. Cismigiu Park Bucharest

9. The rich side of Bucharest

10. The poor side of Bucharest

This is why I planned a 8 hour Bucharest trip for you, so that you can have many new things to share with your friends and loved ones, who maybe did not have the chance of seeing these unique touristic attractions in person:

1. The Palace of Parliament / Famous “People House” built by Ceausescu

Peoples-house ceausescu romania

In a day trip in Bucharest you can visit one of the most controversial administrative buildings in the world. With this private tour at The Palace of Parliament or People’s House , you will learn how dangerous and damaging it can be for a nation to let a totalitarian regime like communism to take over. In front of one of the biggest constructions in the world, you will feel small seeing what pointless opulence and megalomania “the sleep of reason” can create.

Taking a selfie up-close will prove difficult, because you will be trying to capture the second largest administrative building on the planet, after the Pentagon, and that it will be an experience you will be able to share with your grandchildren.

See the story of the Palace of Parliament or the People’s House built by Ceausescu >>

2. Bucharest City Tour – 8h – The National Village Museum

In this private tour, you can visit The Bucharest National Village Museum and in one place you will see an embodiment of Romanian traditions and you will learn what it meant for Romanian villagers to have built an ecological and sustainable environment in their backyard. You will also get a glimpse of their simple and modest lifestyle, in social and spiritual harmony with their surroundings.

With the support of your private guide you will enter the universe of the traditional Romanian houses, large or small, made of wood and adobe, but also stone and other materials, from all areas of the country. You will also see national symbols such as the mill or the wooden church and you will learn how these treasures of spirituality and civilization have kept us united for thousands of years, without needing to invade other nations.

See the story of the National Village Museum

Bucharest national village museum romania tours

3. Bucharest City Tour- 8h – The Romanian Athenaeum

Romanian atheneum bucharest private city tours

Next, your private tour  will be at the Romanian Athenaeum. Here you will find yourself in front of the most representative symbol of Romanian culture, often considered a symbol of Bucharest as well.

It is only natural that it should be one of the most important tourist attractions on Calea Victoriei, and in Bucharest as well.

The fact that it is part of the European Heritage list (le Patrimoine Européen) of historical landmarks makes the Athenaeum one of the most visited attractions in Bucharest.

See the story of the Romanian Atheneum

4. Bucharest City Tour- 8h –  Victory Avenue

Calea victoriei bucuresti day trip

On Victory Avenue  you will witness contradictions of history: on one side, you have the Royal Palace and on the other, the Central Committee of the Romanian Communist Party and the Revolution Square, where Ceausescu fled the country by helicopter.

You will see old orthodox churches, enveloped in an aura of mystery, a music store, where you can find a large selection of music, as well as casinos, bohemian restaurants, museums, theatres, tea shops, retail stores and gift shops, where you can purchase souvenirs, and even the National History Museum and the Romanian Athenaeum, another Romanian architectural landmark, the CEC Palace and many others.

5. Bucharest City Tour- 8h – Revolution Square

If you are planning a city-break in Bucharest, you must visit The Revolution Square, a place with great historical significance. Here you can be transported back in time to the moment where the dictator Ceausescu was ousted, leaving behind the secrets of a great fortune and controversies about the state security service and his offshore accounts.

As we mentioned earlier, when we reach the Senate Palace, you will see the building which used to house the Central Committee of the Romanian Communist Party and the place where the Revolution of December 1989 started, a major historical event whereby, through human force and sacrifice, Ceausescu was removed from power for good.

Revolution square bucharest day trip

6. The Old City Centre Bucharest

Old town bucharest private tour

In a Bucharest day trip, you have the chance to relive the olden days through a blend of mystery and contrasts on the streets of the Historical City Centre, starting with Hanul lui Manuc, an immense fortified inn which served as a cultural and economic center back in the day. It was built around 1806 by Manuc Bei, one of the wealthiest landowners in the Balkans, and it was where merchants passing through Bucharest would get together, as just a part of the colorful crowd that populated the historical inn.

In this historical and cosmopolitan area, with the help of your private guide from Nicolas Experience Tours you will also find, in addition to the most popular restaurants in Bucharest, museums, old and spectacular churches, and an experiential library, where you can purchase books, music and other souvenirs that will make for an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones.

See other tourist attractions in the Bucharest Old City Centre

7. Bucharest City Tour- 8h – The Arch of Triumph

Arch of triumph bucharest private trips

Much like any arch of triumph in the world, but most similar to the great Arc de Triomphe from Paris, this historical monument, measuring 27 m in height (about 16 times a person’s average height) carries a rich historical significance, especially since it has gone through numerous changes before reaching the design we see today.

Aside from its awe-inspiring grandeur and imposing structure, a symbol of the fight for freedom, with some luck, you will be able to admire four exhibits:

The Great War for the Unification of Romania (photography and film), The Heraldry of the Great Boyar Families (bronze effigies, photographs), The Arch of Triumph in Pictures (photographs, scale models), The Great Union of 1918 (where you can find 1:1 replicas of the crowns and royal scepters, photographs)

8. Cismigiu Park Bucharest

In your private trip you will find a stunning view of the oldest park in Bucharest. This park has a rich and beautiful, yet paradoxical history that shows how a muddy, unkempt area can be turned into a green oasis of charm and relaxation in the heart of Bucharest.

In 1847, the rulers of the period turned to Wilhelm Mayer, the great landscaper and former director of the Imperial Gardens of Vienna, who, with the help of a gardener named Franz Harer, turned the whole thing into a beautiful garden with a promenade.

The images might tell more than 1000 words.

9. The rich side of Bucharest

Naturally, there are several expensive neighborhoods in Bucharest, because there is a blend of new and old areas, with imposing villas and manorial estates.

To keep it a surprise, we will decide together on the spot which buildings we will visit.

10. The poor side of Bucharest

There are also many impoverished or destitute areas in Bucharest, mostly around the periphery, but we will keep the details a surprise here, as well.

There are many “curiosities” and idiosyncrasies that cannot be summed up in a few words, but you will discover them yourself along with other aspects of Bucharest that words or pictures on the Internet simply cannot do justice to.

Just picture this – in a one-day trip to Bucharest, through an 8-hour private tour, you will be able to capture the essence of the culture and lifestyle of the Romanian people, which for thousands of years have been known for its hospitality and friendliness, as well as for its varied and delicious cuisine.

Bucharest city tour private guide full day - #1 Awesome Guided City Tour

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