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Private Trip to Veliko Tarnovo Bulgaria

Bulgaria Tour
Private trip to veliko tarnovo bulgaria

If you like medieval towns adventure and want to take advantage of a trip to Romania, but you want to kill two birds with one stone, to visit also Bulgaria, then you can choose a day tour in Bulgaria Veliko Tarnovo, the capital of the Bulgarian Empire between 1185- 1393.

So you will enjoy relaxation, adventure, traditional Bulgarian dishes and everything you need for a day that you will remember for life.

Walking on narrow streets and the houses stacked, you will feel part of the big picture of Veliko Tarnovo, enchanting from anywhere you look.

Called Tzar’s City, by far the most beautiful place here is the old town – fortress once used for defense by the Romans and Thracians, then the Byzantines, currently keeping the ruins of more than 400 houses, 18 churches (in the hill just inside the city being built Blessed Savior Church), monasteries, stores, shelters, towers and gates, and Tzar’s Palace.

Also, the city tour Veliko Tarnovo, have included the Museum of Ethnography Samovodska Charshia, Archeology Museum with exhibits from Roman cities Nikopol and Istrum Museum National Revival and Constituent Assembly and Renaissance Bulgaria Museum House Sarafkina most beautiful house in the city, built 200 years ago by a banker.

And if you’re a lover of sports, ecotourism, then you should know that the surroundings, you can go hiking to caves and waterfalls, hiking, cycling, climbing, swimming in rivers and lakes in the area, which makes Veliko Tarnovo one of the top 10 most visited tourist destinations in Eastern Europe, which would be a pitty to miss.

This landmark can be included in a trip of at least 2-3 days if you want to enjoy the beauty of this route.

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