Bucharest City Tour Private guide

29 May: Bucharest City Tour – 4h

The most visited tourist attractions sought after by tourists who want to do a Bucharest City Tour in under 6 hours, are: 1. The Palace of Parliament or People’s House 2. The Bucharest National Village Museum 3. Calea Victoriei (Victory Avenue), Bucharest 4. Revolution Square, Bucharest 5. The Bucharest Old City Centre You can enjoy all of these on our 4-hour private tour so that you will have great stories…

Viilage museum

09 Mar: The National Village Museum in Bucharest

Private tour to Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum Here, on the southern bank of Herastrau lake, you will see an embodiment of Romanian traditions and you will learn what it meant for Romanian villagers to have built an ecological and sustainable environment in their backyard. You will also get a glimpse of their simple and modest lifestyle, in social and spiritual harmony with their surroundings….

Private tour to Bulgaria from Bucharest

08 Mar: Private Trip To IVANOVO Monastery Bulgaria

If you are going on vacation in Romania and you want to see a completely unique stone monastery, you absolutely must visit the Ivanovo Monastery, just a few steps past the southern border. What makes this place so special is a series of stone carved chapels and cells, 30 meters above the ground. And that is not all. The churches’ interiors used to bear painted…

Cluj Napoca private  trip Romania

08 Mar: Private Trip To Cluj Napoca

If you pass through Transylvania during your trip to Romania, a Cluj Napoca City Tour should definitely be on your itinerary. Get your camera ready, because the Old City Center features a number of unique historical and architectural monuments, Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic-style buildings, the oldest of which date back to the 17th century, as well as friendly and welcoming people. Not to mention the…

Bucharest City tour

07 Mar: Private Trip to The Romanian Athenaeum

Because it represents the embodiment of good music and culture, even when there is no concert or the George Enescu Festival is not taking place, the Romanian Athenaeum is one of the most important tourist attractions in Bucharest, a true symbol of Romanian culture that you cannot miss. The fact that it is part of the European Heritage list (le Patrimoine Européen) of historical landmarks…