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Life is a never-ending journey, and I will explain to you why.
But first, a word of advice: when you travel, don’t do it like me.

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Incidentally or not, when I was young, my dad would take me and my brother, like a couple of boy scouts on an exploration quest, through the most remote, yet sublime meadows and forests in Romania, in search of the perfect pollen and nectar-rich flowers for the bees, because that was our family business – beekeeping.

You can’t even imagine what I’ve learned from all those “tourist” experiences and how useful I found the lessons bees taught me, these magical, hardworking creatures that stick together no matter what and live in the most effective micro-society I’ve ever seen.

I’m not sure how much you know about the dance of the scout bees and the competition between them, but what I can tell you is that after extensive research, people have discovered that bees have a language through which they communicate. This is expressed through a figure-eight-shaped waggle dance (perhaps having something to do with the symbol for eternity?), and depending on what moves a bee makes, the others decide to follow the one that convinces them it has found the richest and nearest food source.

In a way, that is how I see myself now, from my position as travel experiences stage director, as that “scout” trying to show you WHY visiting Romania with us will enrich your life and WHY this adventure will be an unforgettable experience everyone deserves to have.

Nicolas experience tours

Why was I saying earlier that you shouldn’t do like me when you travel?

Growing up, both my brother and I had caught the travel “bug” and as fate would have it, I went on to find my calling, a passion off of which I could actually make a living, working without it feeling like work.

When I was in college I was working in tourism, and at one point, a coworker, who had noticed I was always cheery and full of enthusiasm when I was at work, asked me if I didn’t want to have a career in tourism.  

You’ll laugh, but I answered sharply that this was just a temporary thing, and that I still had to get my second degree, as I was planning to become an engineer.

Nicolas experience tours

In the meantime, I was presented with the opportunity to work on a cruise ship, which was an extraordinary experience for me, if only for the fact that I got to meet a lot of beautiful, interesting people, each with their own story. This determined me to make a bold decision: I would travel the world, and whatever place I fell in love with, I would disembark and live there for the rest of my life.

If you’re reading this, you’ve understood by now that I eventually returned to Romania and this is where I shall remain, and I’m saying this because I had to visit over 30 countries to get a proper frame of reference and realize that, for me at least, the most beautiful and spellbinding treasures were right here, in Romania.

The paradox is that when you travel a lot and you get to see so many amazing places full of wonderful people, the choice doesn’t get easier, it gets that much harder.

That is what happened to Prince Charles, who, as you well know, has acquired several properties in Romania and he spends a great deal of time here.

Hollywood actors who come here to shoot movies, always end up coming back, and they bring their families or friends along too because they want to share with them what they found so special here.

Nicolas experience tours

Goethe once said: “Never let a day pass without reading, seeing or hearing something beautiful”, which has made me realize that none of these wonderful things should be enjoyed alone and that you don’t have to think there’s ever a point when you should stop.

Never stop searching and admiring the spectacle of life, because after all, life itself is a journey that never ends, because there’s always more to be discovered.

My purpose is only to envision and sketch out your traveling experience, which we will enjoy together like a real-live movie you’ve always wanted to see and I’ll make sure it’s one that you’ll never forget.

So, what do you say? Want to join me on an adventure?

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Nicolas Miroiu
Your private travel companion

PS: See how many days you can set aside to nourish your spirit, choose a time interval that suits you, decide how many friends you want to bring along or if you want to go by yourself, and fill out the form or send me an e-mail, letting me know what kind of adventure you would like to go on.

And since I brought it up, we can even go to actual adventure parks.


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About Guided Tour
The best private guide / driver Romania

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Nicolas Experience Tours
Nicolas Experience Tours
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