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#1 Alluring Royal Peles Castle Tour – Astonishing Sinaia

#1 Alluring Royal Peles Castle Tour - Astonishing Sinaia

Every year, thousands of important figures and hundreds of thousands of tourists book tours of Romania for the Royal Peles Castle Tour attraction alone, to admire its beauty and at least for a few hours, feel like royalty. If you have decided to write your memoirs or you want to brag about having seen the most beautiful castles in Europe, the Romanian royal family’s summer residence is, by far, one of the most important tourist attractions in Romania and in Europe, and you will soon understand why.

Royal Peles Castle Tour – Carpathian Crown Jewel

Romania’s first king, Carol I, built the castle in 1873-1914, over a period of 41 years, and invested a fortune in bringing the most renowned artisans and using the most expensive materials. You probably now realize the indisputable historical and artistic value of this monument and why it is known as the “crown jewel” of the Carpathians.

When you step onto the terrace, you are basically stepping on a mountain that has been remodeled by man, with both the glade and the entire platform that holds the castle having been built by partially dislodging parts of mount Molomont and then leveling them to obtain an adequate terrain for alleys, slopes and terraces.

As you are admiring the breathtaking scenery, with the forest and the mountains surrounding the castle, you will feel the fresh, crisp mountain air filling your lungs. And listening to the gentle babbling of the brook down in the valley, you will forget about the camera, and just enjoy the wonder before you. Because, to be honest, no picture could truly capture its beauty.

Royal Peles Castle Tour – The interior

The interior of Peles Castle also offers a unique visiting experience, even though only 35 of the 168 rooms are open for visitation. These include the Imperial Suite on the first floor, specially designed for the emperor of Austria-Hungary, Franz-Joseph, in 1906, having cost an impressive 100.000 Lei in gold.

It would take many more pages to describe all the paintings, art pieces, furniture, mirrors and one-of-a-kind ornaments that adorn the Royal Library, the Armory Rooms, the Music Room, the Concert and Theatre Halls, the Council Room, the Florentine Room, the Moresque Room, the Turkish salon and others, which you cannot find in any other art museums in Europe or Romania.

With regards to Romania in the Guinness Book of Records and other curiosities, you should know that Peles was the first electrified castle in Europe, having its own power station, and it is also the home of the first central vacuum cleaning system, over 100 years old.

You will also have the chance to see and feel through the eyes of a queen, a little way down the road, at Pelisor Castle, another Sinaia tourist attraction, built specially for Regina Maria.

Royal Peles Castle Tour – Pelisor Castle

The interior, with its Art Nouveau furniture and decorations, was designed according to the queen’s beliefs and tastes in art and beauty.

Only 100 meters away from Pelisor Castle is the “La Tunuri – Vila Economat” complex, set up in the former home of the Peles Guard, where you can stop to rest and collect your thoughts. Here you can also have a taste of Romanian traditional cuisine, as well as traditional Romanian liquors and some of the best Romanian wines.

And because you cannot leave without some souvenirs from Romania, and certainly not without souvenirs from Peles Castle Tour, you will have a wide variety of giftshops to choose from. You can find all sorts of things here, including Romanian national costumes and the iconic “ie”, which represent not just Romanian art and folklore, but the very essence of the Romanian traditional spirit.

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#1 Alluring Royal Peles Castle Tour -
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