Bulgaria Tour

07 Mar: Private Trip To Arbanasi Village Bulgaria

If you enjoy open-air museums and you taking a trip to Romania, consider taking a tour of the Arbanasi Village in Bulgaria, just past the Romanian southern border, because even if you are not an expert, you will absolutely fall in love with its remarkable architecture. The moment you step into the village, you will not be able to put your camera down, because every…

Romania private tour

06 Mar: Private tour in Romania, Bulgaria, Rep Moldavia – 15 days

15 Days Private Tour in Romania, Bulgaria and Republic Of Moldavia We have designed this tour as a “Complete Adventure”, which includes a day trip to Bulgaria, three days in the Moldavian Republic and a 12-day tour of Romania. We believe this type of vacation to Romania has all the ingredients of a discovery journey that stimulates all the senses and creates a truly compelling…