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Private Trip To Brasov

Private trip to Brasov
Private trip to brasov

Brasov by foot with your own guide

If the stress of urban city life has piled up and you feel the need for a reset, you now have the opportunity to live a real adventure, by yourself or with your friends, on a trip to Romania, specifically on the Brasov City Tour.

This mountain city has a little bit of everything: historical monuments, crisp fresh air, winter sports and adventures in Poiana Brasov, relaxation, some of the most appreciated museums in Romania, traditional Romanian cuisine at the best restaurants in Brasov, as well as a representation of Romanian spirituality and history.

The city of Brasov will be the highpoint of your trip – quite literally. Even though its average altitude is 625 meters, because its structure includes the Postavaru Peak, it is the highest city in Romania. As a curiosity, Brasov is the only city in the world that contains a natural reservation, the one on mount Tampa.

A trip to Brasov will never be a dull experience. You can stroll around the Old City Centre, either shopping for souvenirs and gifts from Romania, or taking a history lesson in the museums of Brasov – the Council Hall (Casa Sfatului), the Muresenilor Memorial House (Casa Muresenilor), the Cetatuia Restaurant-Museum, the Black Tower, the White Tower, in the Council Square (Piata Sfatului) or at the Museum of the first Romanian school where you can find the first book printed in Romanian.  Imagine yourself surrounded by majestic cliffs always covered in snow and the purest, freshest mountain air gently filling your lungs as you are taking in the scenery.

In 1968, the first edition of the “Golden Stag” International Festival (Cerbul de Aur) took place here, and it has since become a tradition for the city of Brasov. Every year, the festival brings together international artists and musicians, such as: Thomas Anders, Toto Cutugno, Tom Jones, Coolio, Ray Charles, Pink, Kylie Minogue or Christina Aguilera, who have all been charmed by the Romanians’ hospitality and the natural beauty of the place.

If you want to see a breathtaking panorama of the city and snap Internet worthy photos for your collection, you can climb up to mount Tampa, either on foot or with the cable car. However, despite the beautiful scenery, you should be very careful when hiking through the forest, because even the most casual adventure could result in a “close encounter” with foxes, bears or even wolves, and you might not be as lucky as Red Riding Hood was.

Another important historical and cultural monument is the Black Church, which you can read about here.

After all that sightseeing and physical exercise, your taste buds deserve a treat, too. Try some delicious game dishes from the best restaurants in Brasov, along with the best Romanian wines and praised spirits, like tuica, palinca, or horinca. Not to mention other traditional Romanian dishes, like cheese in fir tree bark or the famous shepherd’s bulz, which might turn out to be so good you will never want to leave.

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