Maramures private trip

Maramures private trip in Romania
Private Trip to The Humor Monastery

Bucovina Private Tour – UNESCO Old Humor Painted Monastery

In order to understand how important religion has been for our people, you have to take a tour of Romania and see the sheer number of houses of worship that have been built, but also destroyed by enemies over the course of history. Striving to protect their spiritual treasures, people erected churches away from the eyes of the world, some of them hidden in the...
Private Trip To Maramures Barsana Monastery

Maramures Private Tour – Barsana Monastery in Maramures Tour

In the same way you feel the eternal, primordial connection with the earth when you walk barefoot through the grass, you will experience a spiritual connection with the sky and God as you step into the courtyard of the most beautiful wooden monastery in Romania, the Barsana Monastery. If you think you have seen astonishing places before, of such divine beauty that you felt they...
Sapanta Merry Cemetery Private Trip in Romania Maramures

Merry Private Tour – Merry Cemetery in Maramures, Sapanta

Not sure about you, but whenever we come near a cemetery, the whole atmosphere is solemn and serious, and certainly nothing to laugh about. Well, once you reach the Sapanta village in Maramures, you will break this rule, because everyone laughs here, even in the cemetery. As soon as you enter the Merry Cemetery, you will see groups of people gathered around the tombstones and...
Wooden Church Surdesti private trip in Romania

Wooden Churches Tour – Churches in Maramures, Surdesti 1721

Nothing compares to the characteristic warmth that wooden constructions exude, but the Surdesti wooden church has a lot more going for it. People who see it are so awe-stricken they tip their hats off – not exactly a joke, considering the church’s towers measures an impressive 54 meters. Imagine the kind of artwork and craftsmanship that must have gone into this 72-meter high wooden gem,...