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When you are looking to escape from the world and recharge your batteries through cultural and sensory enrichment – that is exactly what we provide here, at Nicolas Experience Tours.

To enjoy our experiential concept tours, which can be personalized to your preferences, all you have to do is enter the vacation reservation module for Romania, Moldavian Republic and even Bulgaria (in limited areas) and tell us the duration of your trip and number of friends you want to bring along. You can choose between one-day or two-day trips, or more, and a wide array of theme tours, such as:

  • Historical Tours in Romania
  • Castles of Romania Tour
  • Adventure Tours in Romania
  • Museum Tours in Bucharest/Romania
  • Moldavian Monasteries Tour, Romania
  • Shopping Tours in Romania
  • Culinary Tours in Romania
  • Black Sea Tours
  • Romanian lakes Tour
  • Romanian waterfalls Tour
  • Danube Delta Tours
  • Photo Tours in Romania
  • Medieval Tours in Romania

By visiting Romania, you will discover the last virgin forests in Europe, remarkable nature reserves and find out why Prince Charles has acquired so many properties here and why he spends so much time in Romania.

You will also learn what great movies stars look for when they come to film in Romania, what restaurants and clubs they like, and where people like Nicolas Cage prefer to lodge.



Nicolas Experience Tours
Nicolas Experience Tours
Nicolas Experience Tours
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