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Private Trip To Targu Jiu – Constantin Brancusi

Private Trip To Targu Jiu – Constantin Brancusi

Even if you do not harbor a passion for sculptural masterpieces, a Brancusi exhibit is a must-see for anyone taking a trip to Romania. The Constantin Brancusi Sculptural Ensemble in Targu Jiu, also known as the “Calea Eroilor” Memorial (Heroes’ Way), is more than a beautiful display of stone and wood craftsmanship, it is a symbol of the Romanian spirit.

The ensemble consists of four sculptures, laid out on a 1275 m axis – The Table of Silence, The Chairs Alley, The Gate of the Kiss and the Infinity Column/Endless Column, which surprise through their simple, yet deeply symbolic design.

Viorel Muha called the Infinity Column “the Romanian spirit beacon of light” while Sydnei Geist, a famous sculptor, professor and art critic, considers this piece to be “the pinnacle of modern art”, proving that this monument is a spiritual testament of Brancusi, a brilliant artist of modern sculpture, having had numerous exhibits in Romania, as well as across the borders, in America and Paris.

We will let you discover the significance behind each of the four masterpieces yourself, as the true beauty of art resides within the authentic, personal experience of each individual.

We include The Targu Jiu City in the program in multiple forms of booking tours to museums, monasteries or medieval villages, but this must only tell us when and how you have scheduled vacation just to you can suggest and overlap with various events that occur frequently, such as concerts, festivals, plays, fairs and exhibitions itinerant, seasonal discounts, etc..

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