#12 Octavian Goga Blv, Bucharest

Des tours et des excursions privees en Roumanie

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Si vous avez lu mon histoire, vous avez déjà compris que voyager faisait partie de ma nature et qu’en visitant plus de 30 pays avec la décision ferme de m’établir quelque part, cette chose ne s’est jamais passée et c’est pour cela je pense que vous aussi, à l’occasion d’une excursion d’un jour à Bucarest ou dans le cadre d’un tour de Roumanie, vous pourriez tomber amoureux du pittoresque du pays et de ses habitants, comme c’est le cas du Prince Charles de la Grande Bretagne et celui des acteurs et des metteurs en scène de Hollywood qui sont venus chez nous pour profiter de ces beautés dans leurs films…

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Voilà ce que le tourisme et le guide privés à Bucarest vous proposent :

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  • Private car (Turism or Minibus) only for you and your friends/family
  • Great flexibility regarding changes to the daily itinerary even after the start of the tour
  • A private, licensed English, Italian and French speaking guide/driver, available throughout the tour
  • Private transportation in air conditioned car
  • Complimentary wireless internet access in the car, so that you can stay in touch with your loved ones even while traveling
  • All car expenses, such as gasoline, parking and road tolls
  • All taxes


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  • Photo fees (some sights require the payment of a fee for allowing you to take pictures – they are mostly inexpensive, around 2 or 3 euro/sight)
  • Meals and beverages other than those ofered before you agree the tour or trip
  • Entrance fees as per the itinerary
  • Gratuities for your guide

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The questions below are in most cases extracted from our correspondence with our clients. Have a look, maybe the  question forming in your mind right now has been answered already, and you haven’t even had a chance to ask it!

Where do the tours start?

Our tours start in either Sofia (Bulgaria) or Bucharest (Romania). Both cities have well-connected international airports. However, we can also customise the tours to start in a different city, if that better suits your flight arrangements. Alternative airports include Varna or Burgas (in Bulgaria) or Sibiu, Cluj Napoca, Iasi and Targu Mures (in Romania).

What are the departure dates?

We do not have set departure dates. All our tours are private and organised on request. The dates when you start and end the tour are entirely up to you.

I like one of the tours, but I’d like to make some changes to the itinerary. Is it possible?

Of course. All our tours are customisable. We can make changes to one itinerary, join 2 itineraries together, or you can just tell us about the places you want to see, and we’ll make a whole new itinerary just for you! Customising a tour comes at no extra charge.

I would like to change some of the hotels that come with the tour. Can I do that?

Definitely. The hotels are always up to you. We can upgrade the standard selection of hotels, or if you are on a budget, we can also offer cheaper accommodation options.

I see that in most cases, only breakfast is included. Why is that?

Having meals included means that you would have to be at a certain restaurant at a certain time just so that you don’t miss a pre-booked meal. This takes away from one of the great advantages of a private tour: flexibility. Not having a restaurant pre-booked gives you great freedom to set your own pace each day, add or skip some sights as you go, etc.
To ensure maximum flexibility throughout your trip, meals are usually planned as you go. Your guide knows the best restaurants in each area you travel through and will make suggestions based on the kind of meal you’d like to have.
The meals we include are the ones that come with an important cultural element: home-cooked meals where you can interact with locals, lunches at homes of artists where you learn more about a specific form of art, or refreshments such as the ones offered during the home visit with the Gypsy family.

Do your tours include any insurance related services?

No. We recommend to all of our clients to carry a medical insurance that would cover any health-related costs that might incur while on the trip. Insurance for trip interruption and lost/stolen luggage is also recommended.

Do I have to pay for the guide’s meals?

No. The guide will have a meal allowance, which will cover his meals. Furthermore, the guide will only join you for meals if you ask him to – if you’d rather be on your own for lunch and/or dinner, that is perfectly fine.

How about changes of itinerary on the fly? Can we do that?

Changes on the fly can be done to a certain extent. You can always choose to skip a meal or a sight, or swap for a totally different sight altogether. Alterations of itinerary that imply hotel changes are subject to rooms availability. Also, please note that in the case of last minute hotel cancellations, sometimes the hotel may charge late-cancellation penalties which can be up to 100% of the reservation cost. Additional costs generated by on-the-fly changes will be billed separately.


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